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Academic research can be intense, stimulating, and rewarding. But it is important to know that a research career involves many activities besides research. Scientists spend their time writing applications for funding to do research, as well as writing scientific papers to report the findings of their research.

Academics, sometimes called scholars, pursue advanced degrees like a Ph.D. and often study the same topic for their entire lives. For example, a chemist might be studying to discover the cure for cancer. This chemist’s academic studies would include reading, laboratory research, and research in the field, experiments, collecting data and finally, writing up all of that information to share their discovery with the world.

If the chemist’s research was done as part of Ph.D. studies, they would write their findings up as a dissertation and submit that to their university. Sometimes a dissertation is the length of a long paper. But it can also be as long as an entire book. After the scholars submit their writing, they will have to present it in front of professors and defend their findings.

Academic writing beyond the Ph.D. is similar. But instead of having to submit it to a dissertation committee, academics submit their work to peer-reviewed journals or to conference organizers. Peer review is important in academic studies as a way for scientists and scholars to share information and to check the validity of each other’s work before sharing it with the wider world.

Do you need guidance to get publication at International Medical Journal?

PROMiSE is a academic research and publication support center, working for publication of articles/case report/research paper in International Index Journals. We are giving publication support of Internationally reputed multi disciplinary index Copernicus/Medicus Journals. Highly experienced, energetic & subject mater specialist researchers are working with us to provide the best solution of data collection, data analysis, report writing and finally publication. Our policy is to provide the best customized and packaged solutions as per the doctor's requirements.

The Road to Publication:

  • Submit your paper to PROMiSE
  • Journal selection
  • Editing by Editor PROMiSE
  • Preparing article according to journal’s guideline
  • Submission To Journal's Editor
  • Email communication with journals editor
  • Journal’s reviewer’s and editorial decision
  • Revised manuscript as per reviewer’s comments
  • Acceptance letter
  • Publication

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