• Quality Control

Our Quality Control Mechanism

At Startup

  • PROMiSE research team prepares the data collection tools as per the study objective through a systematic validity check and logic check.
  • Field operation and data processing teams provide their inputs in this process.
  • All the data collection tools are being approved by clients. If required, PROMISE arranges multiple interactive sessions with client to finalize the tools.
  • Pilot testing is mandatory, where we cover all aspect of sampling.
  • Data collection tools are finalized only after having the feedback from pilot testing.

Central Training (TOT & General Data Collection Procedure)

  • PROMiSE arranges central training session in Dhaka as per the requirements of projects.
  • All the field Controllers, Supervisors and quality collectors along with central team attend the briefing session.
  • The length of briefing session depends on the study types of data collection tools. It could be a single day session or two (02) day’s session or in most of the cases, even more.
  • This briefing session is basically a tot session, field controllers/supervisors are trained to brief their data collector’s team. Usually there are five (5) data collectors under each field supervisor.
  • Based on the complexity of the questionnaire/project PROMiSE also arranges central briefing for all data collectors, field supervisors & field controllers in order to have an unique brief.
  • Briefing materials are prepared following the types of questionnaire in mind. Briefing materials are shared with client for their feedback.
  • A manual is prepared and shared during each briefing session where detail descriptions are given for data collectors. Each and every step of administering the survey is explained in the manual.

Central Briefing (Mock Test)

  • After general training session, adequate mock interviews are done at the briefing session as well.
  • Alongside the in-house mock interviews PROMiSE also arrange on field real interviews session. This helps interviewers to get essence of real thing.

Data Collection Stage & Techniques

  • Local briefing session organized by Field Controllers/Supervisors, monitored by central team.
  • Field Controllers/Supervisors arrange debrief session with their team members after first day of field inception to resolve any difficulties.
  • At least 30% accompany/back-check (by supervisors, central team) and QCs.
  • Data Quality Controllers appointed for respective centers/regions.
  • During fieldwork, each and every data collector (FI) is contacted over phone by central team at least 3 times.
  • Selection of PSU is strictly maintained by central team from headquarter, as per the guidelines from researchers. Local team cannot change with them without permission.
  • An itinerary is prepared prior to the fieldwork, which is followed throughout the study time. Local team cannot change it without prior consent from HQ.
  • Central monitoring team monitors the movement of local teams from HQ over phone.
  • In case of CAPI, GPS location is recorded during the fieldwork.
  • In case of PAPI, IRC record GPS location using GPS tracker to track the field team.

Post Data Collection

  • Thorough (100%) checking/scrutiny of completed questionnaires.
  • Logic check and rationality check.
  • Central team back check (at least 20%) completed interviews over phone.

Data Entry/Analysis

  • 100% of the entered data are checked with hard copies
  • In the checking level no errors are corrected without referring
  • All logic checks are done for data consistency
  • Incomplete questionnaires are identified and resent to field
  • All sampling issues are taken care of by senior research team members of PROMiSE.
  • Research team members re-check randomly at least 10% checked data by data management team to ensure the quality of data checking.

Qualitative Studies (FGD/MGD Recruitment)

  • PROMiSE researchers first set some selection criteria following the approved proposal
  • A recruitment questionnaire is then prepared as per the criteria
  • Field team, including field manager and recruiters, are briefed the recruitment questionnaire. They are also briefed about the objective of the study, to understand the process and relate recruiting criteria of the participants.
  • Recruited participants are invited as per the schedule, avoiding any conflict with his/her other engagement.
  • Profile of each recruited participants are verified by central monitoring team either physically or over phone.
  • The participants are confirmed again prior to their schedule.
  • At least 50% additional participants are recruited to address unnoticed dropout.